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If you work for an organization subject to HIPAA, our Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions and Breach Prevention Program is your best opportunity to protect yourself from a costly breach and the stiff fines that are often levied on those who fail to take pro-active measures to prevent them.




The Dark Web is an area of the Internet that exist on an encrypted network and cannot be found by using traditional search engines or visited by using traditional browsers.  Due to its encrypted and anonymous nature, it essentially allows fraudsters to operate undetected to commit crimes like selling and buying stolen data, including identity theft.

Our real-time 24x7x365 Dark Web Monitoring searches for compromised employee and customer email addresses and passwords.  We scour millions of sources including botnets, criminal chat rooms, peer-to-peer networks, malicious websites and blogs, bulletin boards, illegal black market sites as well as private and public networks and forums. Receive a notification if and when we find your information on the Dark Web.



Data breaches are occurring everyday.  A majority of data breaches happen to small to midsize businesses. 95% of breaches are caused by human error. Employees need to understand how to protect sensitive company data.  Employees need training that is interesting and engaging. Training leads to fewer PC rebuilds, reduced IT expenses and less employee downtime.

  • Online training that employees go through at their own pace
  • Engaging training videos
  • Employee security testing
  • Employee training certificates
  • Administrator training reports
  • New employee training
  • Security tips and reminders



If you work for an organization subject to HIPAA, or if you are a Business Associate of one of these entities -- our WorryFreeMD HIPAA Risk Assessment is your best opportunity to protect yourself from a costly violation of the HIPAA Security Rule and the stiff fines that are often levied on those who fail to take pro-active measures to prevent them.

Best practice is to have a HIPAA assessment performed at some regular interval (but no less than once a year as required by law) to ensure that the organization is not only compliant at the time of the Risk Analysis – or upon completion of the follow-on remediation project – but that it REMAINS compliant at all times.

After your initial assessment and remediation project is complete, we set you up with a schedule of periodic re-assessments, which we call WorryFreeMD Monthly Risk Profiles, to ensure continued on-going compliance.


Phishing is one of the biggest threats to your business.  But how do you know if your employees are savvy enough to avoid these scams?

Our phishing simulation campaigns helps you test their awareness.

  • Fake Phishing Emails Test Employee Awareness
  • Ability to Track and Report Employee Actions

Management and IT directors love this service as it allows them to 'test' their staff's awareness and see where they offer training.


Network vulnerability scanning helps your organization identify gaps in the security of your network.

We perform internal and external scans to your network to help find problem areas and address them before hackers utilize them in a cyber-attack. 

We also identify devices on your network that are open to known vulnerabilities without actually compromising your systems.


Two-factor authentication (2FA) strengthens access security by requiring two methods (also referred to as factors) to verify your identity. These factors can include something you know - like a username and password, plus something you have - like a smartphone app to approve authentication requests.

2FA protects against phishing, social engineering and password brute-force attacks and secures your logins from attackers exploiting weak or stolen credentials.


Under the Breach Notification Rule, encrypted ePHI that is lost, stolen, or accidentally/intentionally sent to the wrong recipient is not considered a "breach" because ePHI that is encrypted cannot be read or otherwise used without the key required to decrypt it.  For this reason, even though it is not required, we highly recommend full disk encryption. 

Have extra peace-of-mind that your laptop and other devices are not only encrypted, but can also be remotely wiped (erased) in the event the devices are lost or stolen.


DNS is a powerful component that makes the internet work. All internet-connected devices rely on DNS service to access websites.  Since many infections occur via web browsing, our DNS protection service has a very significant impact on infection rates. 

Secure your DNS connection against cyberattacks, get total visibility into web usage, and enforce acceptable web usage policies to reduce risk. 


If you do get breached, we are here to help clean up the mess with are Breach Response Services:  

  • $100,000 Financial Protection and Breach Response Services
  • Backed by an AIG Insurance Policy
  • Breach Forensics
  • Breach Counseling
  • Breach Notification
  • Credit Monitoring for affected individuals





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