Want To Start Doing Webinars...
But Don't Know How Or Where To Start?

If you…

  • Don't have a paid webinar platform
  • Are not a techie
  • Need guidance and help to get started

Then… Partner with WorryFreeMD and start doing webinars in no time!

WorryFreeMD will take care of the technology for you while you take care of YOUR presentation. 

It's YOUR webinar after all.   HaonTech takes care of setting up the webinar and hosting the event for you.  

Professional webinars involve more than one person doing the presentation and has many moving parts.  They best professional webinars are accomplished with multiple people with various skill sets assisting the presenter and using a best-in-class webinar platform.

Here is an example of some tasks that need to be done to have a successful webinar:

BEFORE the webinar:

  • Prepare the presentation slides (outline, graphics, text, etc)
  • Rehearse the presentation
  • Setup, schedule and test the webinar registration page
  • Setup dial-in conference call phone number
  • Pre-event marketing
  • Test webinar platform with host and presenter

DURING the webinar:

  • Assist attendees having technical issues joining the webinar
  • Housekeeping and webinar logistic announcement
  • Start webinar recording
  • Welcome the attendees
  • Introduction of host and presenters
  • Pass presenter roles and screen sharing to presenter
  • Presentation 
  • Monitor questions and attendee chat
  • Q&A
  • Conclusion
  • Stop webinar recording

AFTER the webinar:

  • Trim and edit the webinar recording
  • Post webinar recording
  • Post-event drip marketing

Doing a webinar can be overwhelming at first, but with WorryFreeMD, all you have to worry about is promoting your webinar and giving your presentation.  We'll take care of the rest!

Prepare YOUR presentation and promote YOUR webinar.  WorryFreeMD shares the registration list, final attendee list and the webinar recording with you.  If you want to start doing webinars but don't know where or how to start, this is a quick and easy way to get started and only pay $149.95 per webinar. No monthly fees!  This service is for you if you are not quite ready to commit to monthly or annual payments for a webinar platform or aren't comfortable with the technical aspect and want to get started with webinar marketing quickly.

This strategic partnership is based on availability and synergy with the presenting business.  Fill out the form on the left to get started and we will discuss your business, target market and marketing campaign goals to see if we can have a mutual beneficial relationship.


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Get Started Today... Here's Why!



Get Started Today... Here's Why!



Generate Leads With Webinars

WorryFreeMD Webinar Marketing is not a subscription service, is very affordable PLUS it is more than just the webinar platform and you pay as you go. We will help you every step of the way and be with you during the webinar. If you've been thinking of doing webinars, this is your chance to get started. Sign up today!