Time & Attendance Management for Healthcare Practices

The uAttend Time & Attendance System tracks employee hours easily and efficiently with ultramodern time clocks and powerful cloud technology. Fingerprint, swipe card, and face recognition punches are all captured instantly in your cloud account. View and approve start time, break time, lunchtime, and finish time hours from any internet connected device 24/7.  Say goodbye to handwritten timesheets!!!

Take Your Practice To The Next Level

  • Get automatic alerts sent to your smartphone to track punches the instant they happen.
  • Track and set pay options for daily, weekly, seventh day, uAttend Employee Management  and weekend overtime hours. System. 
  • Set time buffers to eliminate employees clocking in early and out late to earn overtime. 
  • Select your choice of weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, and monthly pay period options.
  • Run time and attendance reports by pay period, employee, department, or entire company.
  • Export employee hours to payroll systems such as ADP®,  Paychex®, QuickBooks®, BenefitMall®, and many more.
  • Enable employees to punch in and out remotely from employee web-based portal or mobile app.

Affordable device with an extremely affordable monthly subscription that starts at $18/month and saves you tons of money on payroll and increases your office productivity.

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