Does Digital Advertising Work?

If you are placing ads online, you really need to pay attention on what exactly you are doing so you know how to improve your results.

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Short answer... YES!

If people are seeing your ads and you are not seeing 'results'... It's likely 'you' that is not working. People are simply not interested in your ad or your landing page is not converting and simply needs to be adjusted. 

If you are placing ads online, you really need to pay attention on what exactly you are doing so you know how to improve your results.  Don't be mechanical in following steps and expect a one size fits all ad when it comes to digital advertising. You can't set it and forget it then come back weeks later and give up because nobody responded to your ad. Giving up and jumping to the next shiny object is a mistake many people do when the problem lies in their overall marketing skills and implementation, not the marketing strategy. 

Digital advertising is the #1 strategy for advertising. Are you still skeptical? Go to google news and search for news on 'digital advertising'. Here's one news article from the Washington post... It's not a question whether it 'works'. 

Washing Post: Digital advertising to surpass print and TV for the first time, report says
Full article here

Ok... so now that we are clear that digital advertising works, lets talk about what you are doing...

If you are in fact placing Ads on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google, etc., then that is what you are doing - Digital advertising!!!

With this unique lead-generation solution, depending on the # of impressions you have on your Ad pins,  you get a # of people viewing your ad each month - Guaranteed. This means you need to divide your monthly impressions by 30 days and get an average daily impressions. 

What else does this mean? Please take a moment to think about this and let it sink in. It means that you now have access to the most simple and affordable digital advertising platform to place ads on the biggest sites and apps in the world from one single account. PLUS it includes many other value-added benefits like free leads service, unlimited landing pages and more.

Common mistake I see people do is that they buy the smallest plan of 5,000 impressions, place an ad with a range of 10,000 meters, and have it link to their website. If you go back and think again on what exactly you are doing based on what I just described, you'll realize the following...

5000 / 30 = 166 average daily impressions = @ 1 daily click to your landing page*

* The average click through rate (CTR) for digital ads is about 1 to 2% and varies by industry

This means you should expect 1 click a day with the 5K monthly impressions. How good is your landing page???  Do you expect 100% of people on your landing page to convert??? Of course not. Experienced marketers know that the best course of action when placing ads is to control your sales process by creating funnels. The simplest of funnels is to have a landing page where people go to when they click on your ad. The landing page has information specific to an offer and directs the potential lead to provide their information in exchange for your free offer or to get more details. So instead of sending people to your website from an ad, send them to a landing page. Optimize your ad campaign by sending people to one of your landing pages which you can create as it's included with your subscription for free. 

If you are targeting a 10,000 meter range, how much in that area is dead space? I once saw someone place their ad in a 10K radius and a large percentage of the area he was targeting included a cemetary! That means that a big percentage of his area was a waste unless he has something to sell to the dead. It's the equivalent of placing your ad in outer space and expecting a lead. Same goes with choosing a location that includes a lake, a park and areas where there simply isn't a big concentration of people. Lastly spreading 5000 impressions over a 10,000 meter range is the equivalent of dropping a drop of red food coloring in a cup of water versus dropping a drop of red food coloring in a swimming pool. Your impressions get 'watered down' with the bigger the range. 

This all means that unless you know for sure the area you are targeting has nothing but quality potential leads, my suggestion is to narrow down your target to be more specific or increase your impressions. You need to bring those impression #s up OR you need to improve the steps in between. Makes sense?

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