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Why Self Assessments Are NOT A Good Enough

HIPAA risk assessment is not like comparing a generic drug with its more expensive name-brand counterpart. The HIPAA law is the same whether you are a one-person shop or a mega hospital.

Cloud Computing Strategy for Your Business

Large corporations have been using cloud computing for years. Small businesses like yours now have the same enterprise-grade technology and infrastructure available.

Local Nonprofit Fights Cybercrime With Cybersecurity Training

Training Raises Security Awareness And Lowers Ransomware Incidents

Public WiFi Hotspot Warning

Free Public WiFi Hotspots are great. But be aware the risks when using them. Watch this brief clip to learn why you should be careful when connecting to them.

The Year Of Healthcare Security Breaches

A single breach can cost a practice hundreds of thousands of dollars and ruin their reputation.

3 Techie Reasons You Can Be Thankful This Season

Cyber Thieves Keep A-Knockin’ But They Can’t Come In. A study presented at the International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks showed that small-business networks are attacked every 39 seconds by...

Windows 10 free upgrade offer ends July 29

Upgrade to Windows 10 OR invevitably face HIPAA fines for running unsupported software.

OCR Releases Ransomware Guidance

A recent U.S. Government interagency report indicates that, on average, there have been 4,000 daily ransomware attacks since early 2016 (a 300% increase over the 1,000 daily ransomware attacks reported in 2015).  Ransomware exploits human and technical weaknesses to gain access to an organizati... more

Phishing For Healthcare Records In The Cloud

Staff received an email, which appeared to be an official email. However, it was a phishing email that allowed an unauthorized third party access to a Wyoming Medical Center account.

Business Associate Agreements Are REQUIRED - Clinic To Pay $750,000 HIPAA Settlement.

HIPAA's obligation on covered entities to obtain business associate agreements is more than a mere check-the-box paperwork exercise

Potential Lost Time And Productivity Because Of NJ Transit Strike?

Is the impending NJ Transit strike going to affect your business? For times like these, having a workforce continuity plan in place is essential because if your employees can’t do their jobs, your business can’t function. Every moment it takes to get your people back to work can cost you... more

Don't Fall Victim To This Phishing SCAM

Phishing scams don't have to be new to be effective. They just have to be opportunistic, have the right trigger points and catch you at the right time when you have your guards down. Check this one out...

Is Your HIPAA Risk Analysis A Checklist?

It's important to understand that it's not just about being compliant, it's about being protected against a breach. Being compliant does not mean you are fully protected the same way having a driver's license does not mean you are a good driver.

Your Computer Network Is Being Haunted

The National Cyber Security Alliance reports that 1 in 5 small businesses have been victims of cybercrime in the last year and this number is growing rapidly.

What Are HIPAA Risk Assessments?

The first step towards HIPAA compliance is a Risk Assessment. Find out more about it in this brief 27 minute educational webinar by Just because your EHR system is compliant with HIPAA security standards and/or is in 'the cloud', your entity as a whole may not be fully HIPAA... more

Healthcare Event Held To Prevent Cyber Breaches and Inform about New Medicare Regulations

Medical practice managers and healthcare executives learned about latest Medicare regulations, HIPAA compliance, cyber security and other important topics of interest.

Heritage Pointe of Teaneck to Host Bergen County Practice Manager Lunch and Learn Expo

For executives and medical practice managers from Bergen County New Jersey interested in learning about important CMS regulations, HIPAA compliance, security and topics that affect revenue, efficiencies and quality patient care.

Tips and tools for a digital spring cleaning

An excerpt from an article on The Record: "What you do back up on an external hard drive or cloud should also be encrypted, said Fernando Sosa, CEO of HaonTech, an IT consulting company in Teaneck that provides computer support to local small businesses." Full article here: http://ww... more

Lessons Learned From Target Data Breach

There are tons of tools and inexpensive software avaialble to help you backup your files and protect you from malware. But, like in Target's case...

Is Your Business On A Home Router?

You can go to your local office supply store and pickup a cheap router, backup drive, etc., that gets the job done and saves your business a few bucks. But is your business network and data secure?

How To Avoid Security Breach Notifications

HIPAA breach notification rule requires covered entities to provide notification following a breach of unsecured protected health information. Here is how to be exempt of this rule.

7 Reasons To Get Rid Of Windows XP

Exorcise The Ghosts, Gremlins and Goblins Causing Problems In Your Computer Network.

The 2013 Hurricane Season is Here!

Research indicates that storm surges from hurricanes and tropical storms will continue to rise. Is your business prepared?

Lesson In Self-Defense

So you are telling me there is a chance? Just because you have anti-virus protection on your computer, it does not mean you are protected in all situations.

Computer Self Defense

Benjamin Franklin said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"

The End Of Windows XP

By running third-generation old technology, you are missing out on the new features of today’s hardware and software that help get your work done faster, easier and better.

It's Time To Break Up With Your Old Tape and USB Drives

Don't be caught by surprise! Most people don't realize that ALL tape and hard drives fail at some point. But what's really dangerous is that most companies don't realize it happened until it's too late.

Tis The Season To Be...HACKED!

Don't get caught off guard when checking your email. Hackers constantly send virus infested emails, called "Phishing", disguised as coming from legitimate businesses and organizations like The Better Business Bureau, IRS, banks, UPS or retail stores.

What's All The Buzz About Cloud Computing?

You’ve undoubtedly heard the term “cloud computing” being used over the past couple of years, and you may be wondering what all of the buzz is about. First, let’s make sure we’re talking about the same thing when we say “cloud computing,” as there is a good... more

Protect your accounts with Google 2-Step Verification

One would think that a simple username and password is sufficient to lock unauthorized people from accessing your accounts.  However, have you ever wondered how safe are the websites and services that use your login information? Have you ever wondered how 'safe' are the actual companies behind ... more

Is Your IT Guy Holding You Prisoner?

If your IT guy went away, would you know where all the passwords, data, software licenses and disks, key codes, and other important information were stored?

Security Challenges in 2012

As technology changes cyber-criminals adjust to it. Recently MIT’s Technology Reviewpublished an article regarding the biggest technology security threats of 2012. Most of us spend a lot of our time online: working, surfing the Web, or just chatting with friends via social media... more

Data Security: What You Need to Know

When looking at data security, you may think you have enough safeguards set up to protect your small business. After all, you most likely routinely update your antivirus software and other security protocols as well. And it’s not as if you’re a large company that needs to worry about hav... more


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