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What Happened To Proximity Beacons?

Google Nearby Notifications was a feature built into the Android operating system that helped users...

How To Setup An Email Campaign FAST

Getting a steady stream of leads but are having a hard time following up consistently? That's where email marketing can help.

How To Have Your Online Ads Follow You - Proximity Marketing

Do you move around during the day? Target your online advertising to people in a specific area you are in automatically.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Business With Online Ads

Build your online ad effortlessly, run it anywhere in the world, and drive your target audience to your website.

Is Price The MOST Important Deciding Factor?

At first you might say YES. But... Put away your 'business owner' hat and think like a consumer.

How To Build A Landing Page Lead Capture Form FAST!

Watch how I build a quick landing page that includes a lead-capture form where a business owner can capture the information of their leads and followup after if the lead does not buy right away.

Is Your Lead Magnet Any Good?

Attract people into your world by offering something of value that they desire for FREE.

Does Digital Advertising Work?

If you are placing ads online, you really need to pay attention on what exactly you are doing so you know how to improve your results.

Before You Say It's Not Working

Marketing is not a single thing we do or a single event. It is on ongoing process that requires you to be consistent and strategic. You cannot make up what you lack in skills by buying new tools and services that promise a business-in-a-box.

Why I Have No New Year's Resolution

Although it is important to set milestones and specific dates to reassess yourself and plan for the future, I don’t believe New Year resolutions are the case and are taken as seriously as they could be.

7 Reasons Why You Need This NEW Marketing Strategy - now more than ever

Royaltie gems now work on iPhones with the Royaltie Notification Network. Beacons are triggering high-quality Ads to people in your proximity on multiple popular apps and websites like Facebook!

How Digital Bandit Signs Are A Game Changer

Traditional Bandit Signs work! BUT they are illegal, get taken down quickly, costs a lot of money, takes a lot of your time and gets you slapped with hefty fines for...

How To Use Digital Business Cards For Your Business

Here is a 'Digital Business Card' strategy to add to your marketing toolbox that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

7 Lead Generation Strategies For Your Small Business

A steady stream of quality leads are the lifeline of any business. Looking for ways to successfully get more leads into your business can be a challenge.

How To Generate Leads with Proximity Marketing

Here is a new way of getting your marketing message out to hundreds of peoples' phones on complete autopilot. Imagine hiring someone to hand out flyers 24x7x365

How To Sell Without Selling In 2018

Nobody likes to be SOLD... But everyone likes to BUY. This quick video is full of nuggets and shows you how to sell without selling.

Is Affiliate Marketing A Scam?

Did you know that most large companies that you already know have affiliate programs that are open to everyone? Entrepreneurs take advantage of these affiliate programs to generate income and so can you!

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Curious about affiliate marketing? I discarded it for years because of myths. When I decided to look into it deeper, I was impressed by what I found out. Take a look and learn why it's actually not a bad idea to look into it now.

New Offline Marketing Strategy That Will Blow Your Mind

New offline marketing strategy that works for ANY industry on autopilot 24/7/365! Generate hundreds of leads by sending YOUR marketing message and link to EVERYONE with an Android phone within 100 yards radius...

How To Export LinkedIn Connections For Facebook Ads

Did you know you can leverage your LinkedIn connections in Facebook? In this video I share a LinkedIn/Facebook strategy to target FB ads to your LinkedIn connections.

30 Day Video Challenge

Every day at 12pm for the next 30 days I'm going to be posting a quick video on this channel talking about business, mindset, productivity, tips and more. Join me on my challenge and hold me accountable!

Healthcare Event Held To Prevent Cyber Breaches and Inform about New Medicare Regulations

Medical practice managers and healthcare executives learned about latest Medicare regulations, HIPAA compliance, cyber security and other important topics of interest.

7 Lead Generation Strategies For Your Small Business

Introduction to 7 lead generation strategies you can use in your small business. Presented by Fernando Sosa from

TECH Employee vs TECH Entrepreneur

I was recently asked to do a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) presentation and share my experience as a tech 'entrepreneur' to students and their parents in a 'Family in Technology' event held at New Jersey Institute of Technology this past weekend. Although I was ve... more

A Rose By Any Other Name

People want their problems and needs taken care of, they don’t necessarily know or care about the technical terms, widgets or solutions used to solve them.

Google Hangout - Video Conferencing With A Twist

Innovation is the key to your success. If you don’t innovate, you are a dime a dozen and become a commodity.

What's Rotary About? Service Above Self

I choose to introduce people with what happens at the local club level first. The conversation typically goes like this...

Answer To Nonprofit Funding Dilemma

A paradigm shift needs to happen in terms of where the money comes from. There is too much reliance and dependency on third-parties to handout grants and funds.

Thanked By Teaneck Council

There are so many other people who willingly give back to the community.

Press Release: Joins Dell's PartnerDirect Program

Microsoft Partner Forms Strategic Partnership With DELL And Delivers Comprehensive Best-in-class Cloud Solutions, Hardware, Software And Network Support.

New Service Aims To Replace Your Phone Number With Your Name

In a previous blog post, I briefly explained how domain names are really a user-friendly way of avoiding to remember numbers called Internet Protocol addresses, or IP addresses.  For example, the actual address of Google is . Go ahead and enter this IP address in your brow... more


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