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Healthcare Event Held To Prevent Cyber Breaches and Inform about New Medicare Regulations

October 6, 2015
Medical practice managers and healthcare executives learned about latest Medicare regulations, HIPAA compliance, cyber security and other important topics of interest.


7 Lead Generation Strategies For Your Small Business

August 13, 2015
Introduction to 7 lead generation strategies you can use in your small business. Presented by Fernando Sosa from


TECH Employee vs TECH Entrepreneur

June 2, 2014
I was recently asked to do a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) presentation and share my experience as a tech 'entrepreneur' to students and their parents in a 'Family in Technology' event held at New Jersey Institute of Technology this past weekend. Although I was ve... more


A Rose By Any Other Name

September 2, 2013
People want their problems and needs taken care of, they don’t necessarily know or care about the technical terms, widgets or solutions used to solve them.


Google Hangout - Video Conferencing With A Twist

July 26, 2013
Innovation is the key to your success. If you don’t innovate, you are a dime a dozen and become a commodity.


What's Rotary About? Service Above Self

July 24, 2013
I choose to introduce people with what happens at the local club level first. The conversation typically goes like this...


Answer To Nonprofit Funding Dilemma

June 18, 2013
A paradigm shift needs to happen in terms of where the money comes from. There is too much reliance and dependency on third-parties to handout grants and funds.


Thanked By Teaneck Council

May 22, 2013
There are so many other people who willingly give back to the community.


Press Release: Joins Dell's PartnerDirect Program

March 4, 2013
Microsoft Partner Forms Strategic Partnership With DELL And Delivers Comprehensive Best-in-class Cloud Solutions, Hardware, Software And Network Support.


Why I Have No New Year's Resolution

January 2, 2013
Although it is important to set milestones and specific dates to reassess yourself and plan for the future, I don’t believe New Year resolutions are the case and are taken as seriously as they could be.


New Service Aims To Replace Your Phone Number With Your Name

October 8, 2012
In a previous blog post, I briefly explained how domain names are really a user-friendly way of avoiding to remember numbers called Internet Protocol addresses, or IP addresses.  For example, the actual address of Google is . Go ahead and enter this IP address in your brow... more



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