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How To Use Digital Business Cards For Your Business

Here is a 'Digital Business Card' strategy to add to your marketing toolbox that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

7 Customer Service Strategies To Help You Beat The Competition

Customer service is an area where you can easily have a huge competitive advantage.

McDonalds Hamburger University - What You Didn't Know

McDonald's revolutionized the fast-food industry back then by incorporating an assembly line process at their restaurants.

Moving Your Office Next Year? DON'T... Until You Read This First

Moving is always a big pain for those involved, but it doesn’t have to be a horrific, expensive experience.

Heritage Pointe of Teaneck to Host Bergen County Practice Manager Lunch and Learn Expo

For executives and medical practice managers from Bergen County New Jersey interested in learning about important CMS regulations, HIPAA compliance, security and topics that affect revenue, efficiencies and quality patient care.

How Much Does IT Cost?

Avoid making an emotional decision based on price and taking a leap of faith on the services proposed.

A Rose By Any Other Name

People want their problems and needs taken care of, they don’t necessarily know or care about the technical terms, widgets or solutions used to solve them.

Google Hangout - Video Conferencing With A Twist

Innovation is the key to your success. If you don’t innovate, you are a dime a dozen and become a commodity.

What's Rotary About? Service Above Self

I choose to introduce people with what happens at the local club level first. The conversation typically goes like this...

Answer To Nonprofit Funding Dilemma

A paradigm shift needs to happen in terms of where the money comes from. There is too much reliance and dependency on third-parties to handout grants and funds.

Thanked By Teaneck Council

There are so many other people who willingly give back to the community.

The End Of Windows XP

By running third-generation old technology, you are missing out on the new features of today’s hardware and software that help get your work done faster, easier and better.

How To Avoid The Top 4 Budget Busting, Stress-Inducing Mistakes When Moving Your Office

Moving is always a pain in the rump, but it doesn’t have to be a horrific, expensive experience.

Press Release: Joins Dell's PartnerDirect Program

Microsoft Partner Forms Strategic Partnership With DELL And Delivers Comprehensive Best-in-class Cloud Solutions, Hardware, Software And Network Support.

The Gap Between Your Customer Service 'Teeth'

A big problem arises when "efficiency" takes over common sense and processes, scripts and automated systems run your customer service department.

New Service Aims To Replace Your Phone Number With Your Name

In a previous blog post, I briefly explained how domain names are really a user-friendly way of avoiding to remember numbers called Internet Protocol addresses, or IP addresses.  For example, the actual address of Google is . Go ahead and enter this IP address in your brow... more

Change Your Interview Strategies to Find the Right Employees

There are lots of people looking for jobs today. However, as an employer, you’re not looking for just anyone. You would like to hire the best, most inventive employees to work at your business. You recognize that your company is only as strong as your workers. How do you hire the most suitable... more

The Importance of a Healthy Company Culture: Part 1

Strategy is commonly at the forefront of a company’s focus. Strategy is not the only thing which makes a company prosperous. Culture also plays an important role. The culture of your company impacts your branding, your marketing success, and daily operations, all of which directly affect how t... more


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