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Why I Have No New Year's Resolution

Although it is important to set milestones and specific dates to reassess yourself and plan for the future, I don’t believe New Year resolutions are the case and are taken as seriously as they could be.

How To Set SMART Goals And Get Exactly You Want

Watch this video where I explain what the acronym S.M.A.R.T. means and how it can help you create more thoughtful goals.

Parable of The Chinese Bamboo Tree

If you prematurely stop working on something, don't say right away that it didn't work. It's possible it just didn't work in the timeframe you had in mind or maybe you weren't doing it right.

Getting Close To Reaching Goal - DON'T STOP NOW

When you get fired up and motivated to start something new, follow the 5 Second Rule (5-4-3-2-1-Go) and get the ball rolling.

Two Takeaways From Mel Robbins Kick Ass

Have you thought of procrastination as a form of stress relief. In this video I share TWO takeaways from Mel Robbins' book titled KICKASS

Just STOP IT - Special Strategy To Deal With Problems That Are Holding You Back

Do you constantly find yourself caught up in the same situations that prevent you from doing what you really want to do in life? Are you constantly putting out the same fires?

Why Having A Good Team On Your Side Matters

Being an entrepreneur can be more difficult than it needs to be if you don't have a good team on your side and surround yourself with like-minded people.

Cloud Computing Strategy for Your Business

Large corporations have been using cloud computing for years. Small businesses like yours now have the same enterprise-grade technology and infrastructure available.

What Is The CASHFLOW Quadrant - Choose Your Quadrant Wisely

There are 4 types of people in terms of their financial mindset and career path. Learn about the CASHFLOW Quadrant® and how you can move quadrants and change your financial future. Get The Book

Accountability Works! - How To Use Accountability To Get Things Done

Getting together with other link-minded people to share goals, report back on progress and hold each other accountable is a fantastic way of getting things done.

The 5 Second Rule

Sleep inertia is a big problem you can easily overcome with Mel Robbins' 5 Second Rule. Take a look and try this productivity hack for yourself.

Don't Have Time For That?

With the 24 hours you have in a day, how many of those hours are spent literally sleeping or doing random unproductive things? 'Not having time' can mean you are spending your time being 'busy' but...

How To Avoid Paralysis By Analysis

Are you stuck overthinking something you really want to do? 'Someday' is not a day on the calendar! Do you consider yourself a 'perfectionist'? It's never 'good enough'... Sounds familiar???

Automobile University - My Secret Place To Expand My Knowledge

Check out this quick video where I show you how I've been able to read over 30 books in the last 12 months and how you can do it too.

McDonalds Hamburger University - What You Didn't Know

McDonald's revolutionized the fast-food industry back then by incorporating an assembly line process at their restaurants.

Potential Lost Time And Productivity Because Of NJ Transit Strike?

Is the impending NJ Transit strike going to affect your business? For times like these, having a workforce continuity plan in place is essential because if your employees can’t do their jobs, your business can’t function. Every moment it takes to get your people back to work can cost you... more

Moving Your Office Next Year? DON'T... Until You Read This First

Moving is always a big pain for those involved, but it doesn’t have to be a horrific, expensive experience.

Healthcare Event Held To Prevent Cyber Breaches and Inform about New Medicare Regulations

Medical practice managers and healthcare executives learned about latest Medicare regulations, HIPAA compliance, cyber security and other important topics of interest.

Heritage Pointe of Teaneck to Host Bergen County Practice Manager Lunch and Learn Expo

For executives and medical practice managers from Bergen County New Jersey interested in learning about important CMS regulations, HIPAA compliance, security and topics that affect revenue, efficiencies and quality patient care.

Declare Freedom From Expensive Software, Hardware And Network Upgrades

Cloud computing or “going to the cloud” is very similar to the concept of paying for electricity as a utility rather than purchasing and running your own generator to power your home or office.

5 Smart Tips To Know Before Moving Your Data To A Cloud-Based Service

Cloud computing is all the rage these days, and while some companies are moving their whole IT infrastructure to the cloud, many others are choosing to streamline their businesses by moving individual business applications. If you are considering moving any of your company’s software applic... more

Tips and tools for a digital spring cleaning

An excerpt from an article on The Record: "What you do back up on an external hard drive or cloud should also be encrypted, said Fernando Sosa, CEO of HaonTech, an IT consulting company in Teaneck that provides computer support to local small businesses." Full article here: http://ww... more

Think Outside The Desk

Studies have actually found that telecommuters are typically more productive than good-old-fashioned employees

OneDrive Offers FREE Unlimited Cloud Storage. Google, DropBox And Others Likely To Follow

Up until this point, no major cloud providers dared to put 'free' and 'unlimited' into the same sentence.

7 Reasons To Get Rid Of Windows XP

Exorcise The Ghosts, Gremlins and Goblins Causing Problems In Your Computer Network.

The 2013 Hurricane Season is Here!

Research indicates that storm surges from hurricanes and tropical storms will continue to rise. Is your business prepared?

Google Hangout - Video Conferencing With A Twist

Innovation is the key to your success. If you don’t innovate, you are a dime a dozen and become a commodity.

Answer To Nonprofit Funding Dilemma

A paradigm shift needs to happen in terms of where the money comes from. There is too much reliance and dependency on third-parties to handout grants and funds.

The End Of Windows XP

By running third-generation old technology, you are missing out on the new features of today’s hardware and software that help get your work done faster, easier and better.

Break Fix Or Managed Services?

A car running on empty will eventually turn off. Your computers are no different. It is not a matter of "if" they will break, it's a matter of "when". Most issues can be prevented before they become serious or cause downtime.

What Is Cloud Computing And Why Should Your Care?

With the recent introduction of cloud-based office applications like Office 365, Google Apps and thousands of other SaaS applications, it’s becoming unnecessary for some businesses to purchase and maintain an onsite server.

Rise and Shine - Welcome to The Grind

Some goals are easily achievable when we remove the distractions that prevent us from doing them in the first place.

The Answer To Your Problems...STOP IT!

Afraid to take risks, move on or make commitments because the time is not 'right'? Worse yet, can you relate to a hamster on a spinning wheel? You are not alone.

How To Avoid The Top 4 Budget Busting, Stress-Inducing Mistakes When Moving Your Office

Moving is always a pain in the rump, but it doesn’t have to be a horrific, expensive experience.

Bluetooth Headsets Have Come A Long Way

They were just either too heavy, uncomfortable, awkward looking or simply did not provide an acceptable sound quality for me without breaking the bank.

Spreadsheet-itis. Common Illness And How To Get Vaccinated.

Stop wasting so much time with spreadsheets and spend your time taking care of your core business instead. Your business can be working smarter with the right tools.

What's All The Buzz About Cloud Computing?

You’ve undoubtedly heard the term “cloud computing” being used over the past couple of years, and you may be wondering what all of the buzz is about. First, let’s make sure we’re talking about the same thing when we say “cloud computing,” as there is a good... more

Prevent Burnout if You Work From Home

Workers who trudge into an office every day are jealous of individuals who work from home. After all, the work-from-home crowd does not have to battle rush-hour traffic, hear office gossip, or smell the day-old fish their fellow employees are microwaving in the office cafeteria. What these office w... more

Tricks to get More out of Gmail

People and businesses regularly use Gmail these days. This makes sense, as it is easy to use, free, and Google makes good products. If you use Gmail, you are likely not using it to its full potential. Gmail has several tools that make it easy to keep your email tidy. We have outlined a few below and... more

Change Your Interview Strategies to Find the Right Employees

There are lots of people looking for jobs today. However, as an employer, you’re not looking for just anyone. You would like to hire the best, most inventive employees to work at your business. You recognize that your company is only as strong as your workers. How do you hire the most suitable... more

Is Business Travel on its Way Out

Traveling for business is not fun. We’re frequently rushed, we don’t eat well, and we have to deal with the hassle of airports and long-term parking. It is not surprising that a great many companies opt toward videoconferencing instead of traveling. As videoconferencing technology improv... more

How To Effectively Manage Remote Workers

Thanks to improved technology, an increasing number of employees have the ability to carry out most or all of their work from home. Smartphones, tablet computers, teleconferencing, and WiFi-equipped bookstores and coffee shops have made this achievable. This presents a huge advantage for employers: ... more

5 Ways to Work Efficiently in Excel

You would love to get that promotion, or maybe you are hunting for that elusive raise. Maybe you simply want to secure your job in this down economic time. But whatever the reason, you are looking for ways to wow your supervisor. What about Excel? The majority of us, no matter our job, use spread... more

Take Advantage of Your Employees' Creativity

Do your employees share their ideas and views? Do they come to you with ways to improve efficiency or new revolutionary marketing ideas? If the answer is no, the creativity of your staff may be stifled. Today’s business world is very aggressive, so if your company is lacking in creativity and... more

The Importance of a Healthy Company Culture: Part 1

Strategy is commonly at the forefront of a company’s focus. Strategy is not the only thing which makes a company prosperous. Culture also plays an important role. The culture of your company impacts your branding, your marketing success, and daily operations, all of which directly affect how t... more

Receive Text Messages For Important Emails

Need a quick and convenient way to be alerted when you receive an important email? Simply setup your email client (i.e. MS Outlook) to forward your emails to your cellphone based on certain conditions. If you do not have a smartphone (yet) or for some other reason cannot check emails on your phone,... more

Spreadsheet Mania

The truth is that spreadsheets may be an affordable and quick way to get your business process up and running. However, it may not be the best long-term solution.


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