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TECH Employee vs TECH Entrepreneur

June 2, 2014
I was recently asked to do a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) presentation and share my experience as a tech 'entrepreneur' to students and their parents in a 'Family in Technology' event held at New Jersey Institute of Technology this past weekend. Although I was ve... more


Bluetooth Headsets Have Come A Long Way

February 28, 2013
They were just either too heavy, uncomfortable, awkward looking or simply did not provide an acceptable sound quality for me without breaking the bank.


Make your iPhone 4S lighter and sleeker

September 14, 2012
Here is a great example of how some people fall victims to good marketing.  Thinking it is "better, faster, lighter" is already programmed into their minds.  However, on their defense, the phone shown to them is not in a case.  I have yet to see a person with an iPhone that ... more


Hands-Free Connectivity with Project Glass

May 30, 2012
We can already compute on the run, thanks to our tablet computers and smartphones. However, Google isn’t content. The online search giant is in the middle of testing its Project Glass initiative, what you most likely think of as Google glasses. Maybe you’ve seen coverage of Project Glass... more


The Kinect: A Home Run for Microsoft

May 16, 2012
Remember when Windows was considered cool? It’s been a long time. However, the Kinect – a motion and voice-sensing device originally meant as a nifty feature for the Xbox gaming console – could help Windows recapture its long-lost coolness quotient. Not surprisingly, a version of ... more


Smartphone Charging Pads

February 24, 2012
You use your smartphone to buy movie tickets, download your favorite songs, and make online reservations at the new French restaurant. But, if your smartphone battery dies, you can not do any of this. And let’s face it, charging your smartphone the old-fashioned way is a drag. You have to plug... more


iPhone vs. Android

September 13, 2011
The title of this article should really be 'iPhone vs. Android phones', or 'iOS vs. Android', otherwise we are comparing apples to oranges. Here's why: 'iPhone' is the brand name of the phone created by Apple Inc. which runs iOS mobile operating system.  iOS is the operating system.... more



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