WorryFreeMD Club for Small Practices

HIPAA-Compliant Small Medical Practice Computer Support Plan

Are you feeling alone in the "Wild Wild West" when it comes to your office computers? Are you frustrated when you have a computer issue and waste your precious time trying to figure things out? Or your computer is suddenly doing something you don’t understand and didn’t expect. If so, then the WorryFreeMD Club for Small Practices is exactly what you need.  How much is peace-of-mind with your IT worth to you?  You are not alone with your IT when you become a member.

Perfect for Small Practices with
up to 5 Computers

Here's What's Included When You Become A Member

FREE UNLIMITED HIPAA-Compliant Technical Support

Have technical issue with your PC or MAC? Email not working? Need help installing that printer? Did your computer get a virus or it's just 'slow'? Don't have anyone you trust to call? Give us a call and expect quick response times, a high quality of service and expert problem resolution.  We are professional, certified experts supporting your small practice.

Technical Support includes:

  • Microsoft and Apple desktop operating systems
  • E-mail applications and browsers
  • Microsoft Office
  • Hardware and network troubleshooting
  • Mobile phones and tablets
  • Printer installation and support
  • User administration
  • Desktop performance problems
  • Virus and malware infections


HIPAA Compliance Service 

After your initial risk assessment, we set you up with a schedule of periodic re-assessments, which we call WorryFreeMD Monthly Risk Profiles, to ensure continued on-going HIPAA compliance.

24/7 Proactive Network Monitoring and Alert Service

Think of this like credit monitoring BUT for your computer network! This 24/7 network monitoring service will allow us to detect and report certain computer problems before they escalate into downtime, data loss, or expensive repair issues.

"Peace of Mind" Managed Anti-Virus and Spyware Service

This is not your typical unmanged anti-virus software from Norton or McAfee. We include the cost of your anti-virus licenses plus monitor your system logs for malware. 

Managed Firewall Service

We will take a look at your firewall security settings and manage it properly.  Firewalls are not mentioned in HIPAA, but are included in HIPAA compliance guidance from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST.)  Idaho State University paid $ 400,000 because their firewall was not working properly. Firewalls are the second layer of a multiple-layer defense against intrusion and unauthorized access from outside the internal network. It not only needs to be set up by an IT professional but must also have a current security subscription. 

FREE Subscription to WorryFreeMD Tech BRIEF Newsletter

Monthly newsletter that provides technology tips and information that helps you stay ahead of the technology curve and work smarter.

Weekly Computer Tuneups

Boost the overall speed and performance of your PC with system cleanups and disk defragmenting.

Security & Maintenance Patches

Installation of critical system updates and security patches to remain HIPAA compliant. Standard §164.308(a)(1)(i) is required and needed for implementing procedures to prevent security incidents including software updates and patch management.  Due to Risk Management §164.308(a)(1)(ii)(B), software updates is not optional.  164.308(a)(5)(ii)(A) Security reminders (Addressable). Periodic security updates are addressable, not optional.  Breaches or violations due to lack of security and maintenance patches are fined as "willful neglect" which is $50,000 per violation; the same goes for malicious software, §164.308(a)(5)(ii)(B).

Laptop Hard Drive Encryption

Have extra peace-of-mind by configuring your laptop with special drive encryption to mitigate risk for data breaches, costly penalties and breach notifications. 45 CFR 164.304 

Monthly Maintenance Reports

Each month we will email a report that gives you details on what services where performed on your system. 

Discounts on Services, Projects and Hardware Purchases

All members receive a discount on our standard technical support rates.  Plus save money on your hardware and software purchases!  We extend our exclusive partner discounts from Dell, Lenovo and major technology distributors to our members.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee!

We will refund 100% of the money you’ve paid us with no questions asked if in the first 90 days you are not 100% satisfied with our service or your decision to partner with WorryFreeMD and HaonTech.com.

Our goal is to give you peace-of-mind and HIPAA-compliant IT support.  We understand you are small and need to keep your costs down.  The WorryFreeMD Club for Small Practices provides remote technical support and proactive monitoring services needed to make sure your computers stay compliant and in top shape and aren't neglected if something needs attention.  Our proactive monitoring tools constantly check for warning signs of computer problems before they occur, get worse or cause any potential downtime. 

So What's This Going To Cost?

Here is the kicker!  Since you are a small practice, you don't want to spend your precious time dealing with technology problems.  You want to make sure you are being as productive as possible taking care of patients, managing your practice and leveraging your technology wisely.  Having someone in your staff 'take care' of your computers pulls them away from your core business and other revenue-generating tasks.  Hiring a part-time IT admin to monitor your computer network, alert you of malware and tune up your computer is way too expensive and complicated for your business right now. Taking your computer to an office supply store or mall to get it fixed by a random person each time when you have a problem is also counter productive, and likely not HIPAA compliant.  Calling some random 'computer guy' who's business model depends on your computers actually having issues in order to charge you by the hour is also a waste of your time and money, and likely not HIPAA complaint.  WorryFreeMD invests hundreds of dollars in keeping up with HIPAA, technology, technical trainings, customer service and industry certifications in order to keep you productive and guarantee our work.

But you can get ALL of this for only $9 per day* – AND unlike most IT support companies , we know your HIPAA compliance requirements and stand behind our services with our unconditional money back guarantee.

Why so cheap? Because we designed this club for small practices with less than five PCs like yours and streamlined our processes with the latest technology to automate where possible and minimize time-consuming manual tasks. Our services provide technology solutions that help your medical practice grow and remain competitive.  That is your bottom line.  If you are not a 'tech person', you are likely not using technology to its fullest and are not following IT best practices. We can help you with that.

Membership Starts At Only $9 Day *

That's all.  Only $9 per day* gets you all these services and peace-of-mind with your IT.  This is the easiest, no-brainer investment you will make for your small practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my membership include the cost of technical support?
Yes!  It includes unlimited technical support.  Your membership also includes a proactive monitoring service which alerts us about certain issues on your computer that need to be taken care of before they escalate into downtime, data loss or slow performance. We will know about most issues before you do.  Your computer is added to our security operations center which keeps an inventory of all systems supported and helps us make sure they always run smoothly. 

I already have antivirus software. Why join?
What you probably have are unmanaged automatic services that nobody is checking for you. Did you know that antivirus software does not prevent viruses 100% of the time? What do you do if you have a virus and who do you contact that 'knows' your computer? Our services provide technicians available to support you and are proactively checking your system.

Why membership? Why not pay as needed?
It helps you create a baseline budget for your IT with a flat low monthly fee. The convenience of having your computer constantly monitored by our IT professionals will save you the headaches and worries of being 'alone' with your IT. You will also save time and money by preventing some major incidents from occuring.

What's the criteria for membership?
Membership is not open to everyone. We open the the club for membership a few times per year.  You must be invited to join. If you do not have an invite, sign up with invite code INV00 and your application will be considered.  Practices with more than 5 computers do not qualify for club membership.  Other restrictions may apply. Our Managed Healthcare IT services is a better fit for practices that do not qualify for club membership.  Computers need to be problem-free before being added to our plan. A HIPAA Risk Assessment must be done and any existing issues and risks must be remediated prior to joining.  We will provide a remediation quote for addressing any issues uncovered in the HIPAA risk assessment or for fixing any issues you are currently experiencing.


Your "Thrilled Today Or You Dont Pay" 100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in our services and support that we are willing to back it up with a powerful guarantee that no other IT firm or consultant would dare to make:

"We will refund 100% of the money you’ve paid us with no questions asked if in the first 90 days you are not 100% satisfied with our service or your decision to partner with WorryFreeMD and HaonTech.com."


 YES! I want to join the WorryFreeMD Club for Small Practices!

I want peace-of-mind, HIPAA compliance and eliminate computer headaches!

$297 per month + $175 setup fee

* Club membership not open to the public. By invitation only. Restrictions apply for membership.  HaonTech.com, LLC. reserves the right to accept or refuse membership at our discretion. A HIPAA risk assessment is required to meet minimum standards prior to membership approval. Your computers will be diagnosed to make sure they are problem free. Any risks or issues found during the risk assesment must be remediated and paid for prior to your membership approval.  

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