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All too often, medical practice owners and managers get completely focused on seeing more patients while completely ignoring the underutilized technology sitting in their offices or available in the market. SmarterTech BRIEF is a monthly newsletter that provides technology tips and information that helps you stay ahead of the technology curve, work smarter and remain HIPAA compliant.

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Compliant and Secure Thanks to WorryFreeMD

Cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance is very important to us . We satisfied our malpractice insurers request to align with a reputable IT firm like WorryFreeMD.

We are pleased with the years of personal attention given to us and our non-technical staff. We know that WorryFreeMD will respond quickly to any IT problems that we have.

We are so happy and comfortable with WorryFreeMD, we are delighted to share our success with them as a reference.

Robert DeMartin, MD Robert DeMartin, MD Owner
Dr. Robert DeMartin