7 Things We Do Better

The Top 7 Reasons Why You’ll Want To
Work With WorryFreeMD For Your HIPAA-Compliant IT Support And Projects


  1. We SPECIALIZE in Working With Independent Medical Practices.  Our partnership with Independent Healthcare providers that value employee productivity, cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance, helps them meet the requirement for Meaningful Use.  We are an IT support company in Bergen County New Jersey with 100% HIPAA-trained staff that can provide you with an onsite comprehensive HIPAA Risk Assessment that is guaranteed to stand up to any government audit or review.
  2. Speedy Repairs. You should not have to wait around all day for your computer to be repaired. We understand how important your computer network is to you; that is why we offer our remote support services. Thanks to this service, we can securely access your computer network remotely so you don’t have to wait around for a technician to show up. If we can’t fix it remotely, we’ll send a technician over.
  3. Comprehensive and Thorough Onsite HIPAA Risk Assessment.  Not all IT providers know and understand HIPAA.   Our unique value comes into play with our comprehensive HIPAA risk assessment with onsite physical network diagnostic and external vulnerability checks.  The WorryFreeMD HIPAA Risk Assessment is more than just a checklist done over the phone.  We go onsite and conduct a thorough site survey, take photographs, and document our findings with a comprehensive auditable report for Evidence of HIPAA compliance.  As a value-added bonus, we provide starter Policies and Procedures for practices that don’t have any in place.  Because HIPAA compliance is not an event but a process, we provide periodic re-assessments, which we call WorryFreeMD Monthly Risk Profiles, to ensure continued on-going compliance.
  4. 24x7 HIPAA-Compliant Help Desk.  Assistance Is Just a Phone Call Away.  Our well-trained and certified technicians provide onsite and remote support.  We are HIPAA certified, HIPAA compliant and sign Business Associate agreements.
  5. We’ll Respond Within 60 Minutes or Less – Guaranteed.  We understand waiting for a technician to respond affects your productivity and patient workflow. You'll be able to see more patients in less time and get paid faster with a money back guarantee 60 minutes or less technical support response time.
  6. No Geek Speak. Our specialists will make sure never to answer your questions using “geek speak.” We’ll listen to your questions, and make recommendations in plain English that you can actually understand.
  7. Strategic Partnerships and Affiliations Used To YOUR Advantage.  We rely heavily in the cloud, technology and our strategic partners to add value to our client relationships. We leverage our partnerships with Microsoft, Dell, Lenovo and other industry leaders to your advantage. We also work closely with your EHR vendor to install and maintain your system.


Please note: There is no standard or implementation details for HIPAA compliance by HHS, just a framework composed of rules and guidelines to follow.  HHS does not endorse certifications regarding the Security Rule (See more here).  Therefore, risk assessments and HIPAA compliance services offered by IT companies may be called the same but are not implemented the same. Choose an IT company like WorryFreeMD with HIPAA-trained staff and subject matter expertise in cybersecurity and information technology.  Our complimentary HIPAA seminars, presentations and webinars have helped hundreds of healthcare providers and business associates. OCR/HHS provides all their HIPAA resources for free on their website. However, you may find it more convenient, beneficial and a time-saver to purchase one of our HIPAA training courses that are structured and offered in an Online Learning Platform.  Be aware of misleading marketing claims by some consultants and training providers.

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